We are specialized in polishing aluminium wheels and other aluminium
parts of cars and motor bikes e.g. mountings etc. These parts can
also be chromed.

If you want drive with wheels that are different from all the
others, here is the place for you!

We also repair wheel rims damaged by curbstones and give unsightly,
deformed wheels a new appearance.

Chrome and Gold sputtering on plastic part

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We also sell screws for all types of screwed in wheels. In our
assortment we have best quality steel, stainless steel,
chromed, nickel plated and gold plated screws. In addition we
can open all screwed wheels so that we can polishbetweenthe screws.

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Si We also sell all well known brands of wheels. (ABE general operating license can be obtained by local registered garage)
Wheel rims, sizes and prices available on request.



We provide the following service for all wheels bought here:

If you drive too near the curbstone and damage the wheel rim we will repair it at cost price, and if
the wheel was polished here we will repolish it free of charge.

Call us before you decide to buy new wheels. Maybe we can give your old wheels a new shine,
save money and you can drive with a design that doesn't exist elsewhere!

Further information per post, telephone:
Aiblinger Au 20
D-83059 Kolbermoor
Tel.: +49 (0)8061 / 93 74 62